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Nita Wellness and Boxy have started to co-operate

Nita Wellness offers health consultation and life coaching through Boxy, which is a great platform offering high quality experiences. From Boxy you can easily buy ecological and inspiring gifts!

Nita Wellness ja Boxy ovat aloittaneet yhteistyön ja Boxyn sivujen kautta nyt tarjolla myös hyvinvointikonsultointia ja elämäntaidonvalmennusta. Boxy tarjoaa helpon ja luotettavan tavan ostaa laadukkaita elämyksiä - lahjaksi tai itselle.




Are You Dreaming of a Career as a Health Coach?

I work as a Holistic Health and Life Coach and I am a graduate of Institute for Integrative Nutrition. As many of you already know, enrolling to IIN was definitely one of the best decisions in my life and something that has brought lots of happiness, inspiration and new possibilites to my life.

During my program I had a great opportunity to learn from some of the world’s top experts in holistic wellness - such as Andrew Weil, Deepak Chopra, David Wolfe, Walter Willet, Sally Fallon, Geneen Roth, John Douillard, Paul Pitchford, Annemarie Colbin and Joy Bauer. IIN provides you with highly valuable and practical information on how to create health, happiness and balance in your life and how to nourish yourself inside out.

Want to have a career as a Health Coach and help spread the word of natural health? Email me or IIN and ask more about the program and check if there are any scholarships available with my name.

  • If you want to contact IIN straight, email Blair: coachblair ( @) or call +1(877) 730-5444
  • Or Sähköpostiosoite on suojattu roskapostiohjelmia vastaan, Javascript-tuen tulee olla päällä nähdäksesi osoitteen  by email with any questions you may have


I chose to become an ‘Ambassador’ for IIN after graduating because I feel passionate about spreading the vital message for natural health and wellbeing. As an Ambassador I do my best to share my experience and spread this opportunity to others as well. The Professional Training Program is now available from anywhere in the world and without the need to travel to New York for classes. All the needed material is sent to you (e.g. books, customized iPod loaded with audio and video classes, cooking DVD:s, handouts etc.) and you can study in the comfort of your own home or anywhere on the go!



  • one-on-one heath coach provided to you throughout the school year
  • welcome package with a fully-loaded iPod, books & DVDs
  • audio & video lectures with world-class speakers
  • Fast Track business training
  • a certificate halfway through the program to start seeing clients
  • a customizable website
  • personalized business cards, brochures & newsletters
  • comprehensive library of forms to set up your practice
  • 24-hour access to Online Education forums to connect with students & staff
  • optional live classes if you are able to travel etc.
  • a free 2nd year program for students who wish to expand their business


The Distance Learning program is pretty much exactly the same as the live program I took, except way more flexible allowing you to study on your own pace and time. You can check out the Distance Learning Info Sheet and the Professional Training Program FAQ for more info about how it works.

Click here to learn more about Institute for Integrative Nutrition or 

You can also download the IIN Catalog and get your free Career Starter Kit. If you just want to get a great dive into the philosophy behind it all, get great tips and information on food, nutrition and lifestyle, you can and order the Founder Joshua Rosenthal’s book from Amazon.


Wishing you lots of courage and clarity with your journey towards your dream career!