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’Let your practice be a celebration of life!’

  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga
  • Yin Yoga
  • SUP (stand up paddle) yoga
  • Meditation & Mindfulness
  • Group sessions, workshops and classes
  • Private classes and private events at your home, villa or yacht

Nita’s first experience with yoga was 16 years ago and it did not yet then sweep here feet away – as everything has its right timing in life. Nevertheless a few years later, at the age of 22, her path with yoga begun more deeply, and through experiencing many different styles and teachers around the world - difficult injuries as well - she found the practice and approach that really made all the sense in the world for her.  Nita teaches from her personal experience, her biggest passion is to help people find a natural and fun way to enhance health, strength, flexibility, both in their minds and body. She believes that when we dare to tune into our bodies with acceptance, the natural healing flow starts to happen without struggle or agony. This is the biggest gift that she has found through yoga: a gentle love relationship with her body and herself, a blissful wellbeing in her own skin.

One class, workshop, breath and movement at a time, she leads people to realize their precious uniqueness and strength, the awe of the moment - love for the self, others and the world.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Flow class is a great balance of strength and softness in a steady flow beautifully sequenced of different asanas, transitions and movements with the flow of the breath. It is designed to challenge you physically, open you emotionally and find your joy and playfulness - eventually guiding your mind, body and heart becoming in sync. Nita’s flow classes combine beautiful and inspiring music to help you tune in and feel.

Yin Yoga
Yin Yoga is a different approach to yoga asana. Often referred to as “a quiet practice,” poses are done lying or sitting down, close to the floor, and held for longer periods of time to target the connective tissue of the body. Yin Yoga increases flexibility, nourishes and lubricates the joints, opens up meridians and quiets the mind.

SUP Yoga
SUP Yoga is essentially yoga on a board in the water. The board is your yoga mat and the whole universe is your studio - with sun, wind and water as your companions. SUP yoga gives you the enjoyment of practicing yoga while continually adjusting and readjusting your position to the motion of the board and water. SUP Yoga challenges your focus, connects you with the amazing nature in addition to increasing your core, legs and whole-body strength, flexibility and balance. It provides a fun learning-environment for your practice, whether you are an advanced yogi, or a beginner.
SUP Yoga classes now available in the Riviera in St. Jean Cap Ferra. Pre-booking required.

Meditation & Mindfulness
If meditation and mindfulness practices are new to you, it is easier to start with some guidance. Nita brings meditative awareness elements into her yoga classes, and teaches them in retreats and workshops. The power and benefits of regularly creating a silent space for yourself and letting go of mind clutter are vast and immediate. Meditation not only helps you to deal with stress and different mind factors, but also profoundly enhances your health in the physical level. Centering your mind and body you start creating more peace, joy, and overall happiness not only for yourself, but also around you.

Nita's weekly classes:

No weekly schedule at the moment.


Private Yoga classes, private coaching, private events

Nita offers private classes in the comfort of your own home or villa. If you have a private group you want to create a memorable time with, let us help you make a perfcect wellness day or an evening happen. We also provide exclusive locations, catering and spa treatments for you. Ask for more.



’Nita's style of teaching is truly unique. She doesn't simply teach yoga classes she creates unique and beautiful experiences. Her classes encourage complete internal awareness, while inviting you to discover your own personal movement, allowing you to tune-in to your individual body, developing inner trust, confidence and freedom.

Her practice unifies movement, spirituality and breath into an effortless flow that feels like a dance drawing you in.

Nita's words and guidance throughout her class inspire you to maintain your attention within leaving you feel completely transcended into the present moment for the entire duration of her class. Nita's teaching has allowed me to deeply develop my yoga practice as I notice the gentle yet effective changes she has encouraged, progress within me both on and off the mat. Her classes move me! Each time I leave her class I feel more open, (physically and emotionally), more centered, more alive. For this I am incredibly grateful.’

‘Such a beautiful class, I never experienced such balanced feeling after, both in my body and mind. I love the way you teach and guide us to find our own movement, flow and wave. Thank you Nita.’

‘Thank you Nita, I love the words and guiding you give in between the poses. They give meaning and strength, lighting my heart up.’