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I can tell you without doubt that this 6-month Wellness-program with Nita has been one of the best experiences in my life!

I have a global career in a multinational company, with 100 subordinates in several locations in several continents. In addition to my work, I have simultaneously been writing my doctoral thesis during the last five years. One can only imagine what this means time wise; I wake-up working days at 5am to study and write before office time and both weekend days are fully dedicated to thesis writing. No wonder that early spring 2009 I started to feel the overload and I knew that I have to find a way to balance my life in order to have the strengths to continue and finalise my thesis. Luckily, my first meeting with Nita in the early April 2010 was a turning point in my life.

First things we started off with Nita was my life assessment and setting new goals. At that point I felt a bit scared of the changes I was engaging myself into. One of them was to start cooking more at home. I was not acquainted with cooking at all so we started with a home cooking evening session in my home kitchen, with a preceding shopping tour in a health food store. Ever since that evening I have been cooking 80% of my meals and I know what to shop!

In addition to this huge change in my cooking habits, I've accomplished many major breakthroughs! One of them is something my doctor is also very happy and proud about, as my blood figures (cholesterol, liver etc.) are way better. I also lost 6 kg, my metabolism changed drastically and finally normalized, I am very energetic and have an overall balance in my life. Plus, I sleep better and I don't have any cravings anymore - I feel light and happy!

Nowadays I meditate daily and I've learned to listen to my inner voice, which guides me towards my goals in life. I prioritize things that matter me most, not what is expected from others and I've also started to pay more attention to my decisions and understood that I need to change my thinking first in order to change my doing. Today I choose things that are favourable to my mental and physical strength and wellbeing. I now understand, that the choice is mine, only mine.

I go to yoga classes couple times a week and have started to walk to the office, I use more bicycle and watch less TV. I have started to have my cell phone on silent at home and minimised the reading of emails.

I have created so much more open space and simplicity in my life and just love it! Today I believe that less is more.

In a nutshell; I feel that am in the drivers seat of my own life, nobody else. I am turning the steering wheel, I step on the gas and I brake when needed.

Is this journey easy? No. Is this journey possible, fun, exciting and worth while? With such a inspiring and encouraging companion like Nita - DEFINITELY YES!

Merja Fischer, Director at Wärtsilä, Helsinki