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Because of our journey together, I now do yoga and pilates and I am loving it. I spend endless hours reading wonderful spiritual books and write my journal every day. All of a sudden I'm in love with my husband again. I eat healtier, I work out more than ever, I feel fantastic, I look better, I laugh more, I am closer to Universe and for the first time it's really answering to me....I got unexpected work and money is flowing...even my fingernails are longer and stronger (hah..ha, but really) and can truly say that I enjoy life again.

You are a true inspiration and a light! With your love that you shine on everyone... I see more clearly and now I treat life and others with such love and compassion.

You have changed the direction of my life. You challence me every day and I thank you for that. I am remarkably lucky to have met you.

Mia, New York